About us

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide people information around Cambodia

Company Vision

Our vision is 'to become a leading source for people in this modernized society to search information about shopping, business directory, and direction in Cambodia.'

Company Goals

1- To provide an up-to-date information to people in the
     business field -shopping and tourism.

2- To guide people and international people about places to
     visit, to stay, and eat around Cambodia.

3- To guide the users buying things at the cheapest price.

4- To provide an abundance of information about Products &
     Service to meet the user's need.

5- To provide effectiveness in searching information in iknow.

6- To increase user satisfaction & confidence by a responsive 
     manner to the user's feedback about our service.




About iknow.com.kh

Established in early 2007, our iknow Enterprise is launching a website called: www.iKnow.com.kh . Our website provides information about Cambodia to both local and international customers. Currently, www.iknow.com.kh serves our customers a variety of information: Products, Real Estates, Business Directory, and Jobs.

In our website, customers are able to generate information about price of various products ranking from IT, Construction Materials to Souvenir and Office Supply. Price comparison (available for certain products such as Computer, Mobile Phone, and Car) will help customers find good quality product with the cheapest price.

With Real Estates, customers can browse for properties for rent/sale in Phnom Penh. Customers can compare between properties. Especially, customers can directly contact with sellers, renters, or buyers.

In Business Directory, customers can search for business address operating in Cambodia. Customers can also search for particular service of each business by using 'SEARCH' box (located on the top of the page). This is the search tool for customers to find business locations and addresses more quickly.

About Jobs, Customers can browse for many CVs of job seekers and can post job announcement(s). It is for free of charge. Besides, you can enjoy with Jokes, Knowledge (phone and computer), and downloading ring tones and wallpapers.

We are happy to serve you the information you need. To find more information, please go towww.iKnow.com.kh.

Any suggestion, please contact us at:
Tel: 023 67 68 189 or send us an email

Advertise with us, please call: 023 67 68 189  We are happy to serve you the best.