Active People's Microfinance Institution PLC

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#149C, St. 143, Boeng Keng Kang Bei, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh
Active People’s Microfinance Institution Plc. (APMFI) is incorporated as a Pub-lic Limited Company in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The company is registered with the Ministry of Commerce under the registration number 00009429, dat-ed March 21, 2011, and has obtained a permanent license from the National Bank of Cambodia (“the Central Bank of Cambodia”) to conduct business as a microfinance institution from August 18, 2011 onwards.
Products & Services: Quick Loan, Electronics Installment Loan, Motorbike Installment Loan, Car Installment Loan, Land Installment Loan, Secured Consumption Loan
Mobile Phone: 078777259
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Active People's Microfinance Institution Plc (Tboung Khmum Provincial Branch)

National Road 7, Cheung Lang, Suong, Suong City, Tbong Khmum


Tbong Khmum

Active People's Microfinance Institution Plc (Kampong Chhnang Provincial Branch)

National Road 5, Thomm Yutt, Ph'er, Kampong Chhnang City, Kampong Chhnang


Kampong Chhnang



Active People's Microfinance Institution Plc (Ratanak Kiri Provincial Branch)

St 78, Phum Prampir, Labansiek , Ban Lung City, Rotanak Kiri


Rotanak Kiri

Active People's Microfinance Institution Plc (Prek Phnov Branch)

National Road 5, Prek Phnov, Prek Phnov, Phnom Penh


Phnom Penh

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