Guizhou Lingfeng Technology Industrial Park Co.,Ltd

Dongshan Laowangpo, Gantang Industrial Park,Duyun City,Guizhou Province,China, Krang Thnong, Sen Sok, Phnom Penh
Business Profile

Located in the Laowangpo Plot of Dongshan, Green Lake Industrial Park, Duyun City, Guizhou Province, Guizhou Lingfeng Science & Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd. covers an area of 251 mu, planning to invest RMB 500 million only. Boosted by our creative craft, we take the Guizhou ecological organic tea as raw material and introduce the advanced tea processing equipment for producing the unique boutique black tea and oolong tea, aiming to make the two series our fist products, which we think is a milestone of Guizhou tea, and also a new start of Guizhou tea brand. As the harvest and utilization of tea in Guizhou is generally low, most of the summer and autumn tea and the available tea with leaves less than three will just hang on the tree or rot away after pruning, which causes great loss of tea resources, so we decide to work with tea companies, colleges and universities to make use of the resources that could be wasted. By achievements of scientific research and development, we expand the deep processing of tea with the development of beverage tea as a starting point and create our tea series with the tea resources in province. For unique style and comprehensive function, we will build the first domestic tea industry chain base mainly invested by private investment.   

pre-sale service:

1. From the factory inspection, our company will conduct a random inspection of each shipment of manufactured goods;

2. Baking again, in order to ensure the quality of long-distance product transportation process, all products will be baked again to reduce the moisture content, to ensure that the transport process is not bad;

3. To strengthen the packaging, in order to avoid the squeezing and odor of the goods during the transportation process, our company repacks the goods after sealing the bags;

4. To communicate in a timely manner and re-confirm with the customer on the type of

goods, packaging methods, transportation weights, etc.;

5. For buyers at any time to visit my company and factories to provide a variety of facilities.

Sales service:

1. Prepare goods in the shortest possible time after the signing of the contract and timely delivery in accordance with the time specified by the buyer;

2. Actively cooperate with buyers to provide all kinds of information required for customs clearance and other related procedures;

3. In time with the freight forwarding to communicate the goods logistics information and feedback to the buyer;

After-sale service:

1. Inform the buyer of the best storage method and brewing method of black tea;

2. If the goods are damaged in the course of transportation, etc., they shall actively cooperate with the buyer to make related claims in accordance with relevant obligations in the trade terms.

3. If the goods are deteriorating before delivery, our company shall bear all responsibilities. If the goods are transported and other reasons cause the goods to be wet and deteriorated after the delivery is completed, we shall cooperate with the buyer to deal with the claims and provide the relevant proofs.

Products & Services

With taking the construction of tea industry chain as the core, we establish our bases in Duyun for serving the whole province, the whole country and going global. Our science park has functionally integrated the scientific research, production, trade, industry service and tourism and leisure of tea industry as a whole, which is elaborately planned for large scale of construction and comprehensive functions and we will spare no efforts to create the best in our province, making famous tea indust

Business Specialties

tea, bleak tea, Kung Fu black tea, red tea, black tea power, etc.


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