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Elephant Massage & Spa

#83C, St.3 (Sothearos), Boeng Keng Kang Muoy, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh
International Spa, foot massage, oil massage, steam....
Categories: Massage & Spa

Aura Spar

#21, St. 245 (Mao Tse Toung Blvd), Boeng Keng Kang Muoy, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh
We create own signature massage therapy with well- trained therapist to enhance a traditional blend of ancient health & beauty practices which have been passed down from generation to generation....
Categories: Massage & Spa

CK Massage Sauna & Spa

#21, St. 402, Tumnob Tuek, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh
Massage for 8$ get Saunas, Steams & Spas for free!
Categories: Massage & Spa

East Massage I

#104, St.173, Tuol Svay Prey Muoy, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh
Having massage services....
Categories: Massage & Spa

Modern Beauty Spa

#98BEo, St.230, Phsar Daeum Kor, Tuol Kouk, Phnom Penh
Spa, Make-Up, Massage, Clean Screen, Hair Extension, Soak Milk, Facial Steam...
Categories: Massage & Spa

Mohaleap Massage and Food Massage

#56B, St.122, Phsar Depou Pir, Tuol Kouk, Phnom Penh
We have foot massage, body scrub, facial massage...
Categories: Massage & Spa

Mohaleap Massage

#56B, St.122, Phsar Depou Bei, Tuol Kouk, Phnom Penh
Make your feeling good, good healthy and comfortable...
Categories: Massage & Spa

Mlis Massage & Steam

#161, St.430, Tuol Tumpung Pir, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh
Categories: Massage & Spa

Mister & Miss Care

#4B, St.278, Boeng Keng Kang Muoy, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh
Provide Massage Service
Categories: Massage & Spa

Mol Meth Massage

#4B, St.Wat Bo, Banteay Chas, Slor Kram, Siem Reap City, Siem Reap
Having massage service
Categories: Massage & Spa
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