Posted: 30-Jun-2020
Trainee CCTV Operator
Nagaworld Limited
Phnom Penh
Working time
Full Time
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Ensure Compliance to Rules and Regulations

  • Ensures compliance with all NagaWorld standards or relevant industry standards during all aspects of work;
  • Ensures all employees adhere to NagaWorld’s Code of Conduct, Internal Rules and Regulations at all times.

General Job Functions

  • Observes all activities of casino guests and staff on the gaming floor, cash desk, electronic games, slot machines and auxiliary areas via the camera system;
  • Observes, records and reports on all matters relating to the casino and surveillance operations;
  • Monitors, detect and report on any irregular, suspicious and illegal activities;
  • Ensures integrity and security of the casino is maintained at all times;
  • Possesses a thorough knowledge of all departments’ procedures within the casino and hotel;
  • Possesses a thorough knowledge of all table games operating in the casino;
  • Reviews and resolves gaming disputes and incidents giving the feedback to relevant external customer. Provide quality customer service by ensuring that all matters are resolved in an effective and timely manner. Assist the casino management in the resolving of complaints / disputes;
  • Writes Surveillance Incident Reports and Events in iTrak;
  • Creates in iTrak Personnel and Subject Profiles;
  • Be responsible for monitoring players’ activity and target staff;
  • Assists Surveillance Supervisor with basic Surveillance administration;
  • Informs the Surveillance Supervisor of all actions being performed regarding casino activity;
  • Ensures that he / she is fully briefed by the out-going operator regarding any incidents or relevant information relating to the previous shift or shifts;
  • Reports immediately all surveillance equipment malfunctions to the Surveillance Supervisor;
  • Acquires up to date knowledge of cheat techniques and teams;
  • Builds trustworthiness with internal and external customers through professional behaviour;
  • Observes and analyzes non-gaming, gaming and cash handling areas using IT systems in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Assists Surveillance Management in all other tasks / duties required for effective CCTV office operation;
  • Maintains strict confidentiality in all matters regarding information, procedures and equipment.


  • Bachelor degree or equivalent education required
  • Minimum 1 years of experience
  • Computer literate
  • Possess excellent English communication, other language is preferable
Contact detail
Contact Name : Trainee CCTV Operator
Address : NagaWorld, Samdech Techo Hun Sen Park, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone : 023228822
Email :

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