Posted: 08-Jul-2019
Digital Designer

We are a design company.

We mainly outsource work from Japanese companies.

Our job is to fix the photos. Fix wedding photos, funerals, old photos, gravure photos of magazines, and more.

Phnom Penh
Working time
Full Time
Closing Date

• Sex: Male or female
• Language: English
• Age :20 years old or older
• Computer skill ( Apple MAC and Adobe Photoshop,photo Retouch ability)
• Ability to communicate in English very good ( speaking and writing )
• Salary:250〜400$(start salary)

Working Condition : You decide on day off ( Shift system)
Normal Holiday : 1month / 10days ( Shift system)
Schedule : Working hours are 8 hours.
      7:30 ~ 16:30 ( 1hour=break time)
      8:00 ~ 17:00 ( 1hour=break time)
Overtime:There is not basically( If necessary for work, there is overtime work)

I Candidates who are interested should send their resume to the email address listed in the contact details.

There is a test of photo retouching before the interview.
The test content is retouching of the photo.
We will send retouched material by email.
Please retouch the photo and send it to us.
We will interview you only if you pass.

Contact detail
Contact Name : Yuki Kitsunai
Position : Human relation manager
Address : #59,Room 201, St.468, Sangkat Toul Tompoung II, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh
Phone : 0969979857
Email :

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