Posted: 30-Jun-2020
AML & Compliance Officer / Internal Controller
BRED Bank (Cambodia) Plc.,

BRED Bank (Cambodia) Plc., is a subsidiary of the cooperative BRED Banque Populaire, a member of the BPCE Group, the 2nd largest banking group in France, serving more than 31.2 million customers, employing more than 100,000 people worldwide, and counting 9 million cooperative shareholders. 

BRED Bank (Cambodia) Plc is the bank for all the people and businesses of Cambodia who like to keep things simple and easy. We are looking for the qualified candidate who has experience in the banking sector to fill in the below position.

Phnom Penh
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01/ Position: AML & Compliance Officer
Location: Head Office

In the scope of the creation of new French bank, we are looking for an AML & Compliance Officer to join our growing team.

Key Responsibilities:

The candidate will assist the Head of AML & Compliance to,

  • Assist the AML & Compliance Management on the daily activity
  • Establish an appropriate anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing framework reflecting the mechanism set up by the parent company.
  • Support the GROUP new requirements implementation and contribute to the implementation and development of AML/CFT tools
  • Maintain a current understanding of money laundering and terrorist financing issues, including policies, procedures, regulations, industry best practice, criminal typologies and developing trends.
  • Ensure a good Internal Communication (with hierarchy, head of department, top management…) and information sharing
  • Assist management team with effective recommendations and implementation of compliant solutions and action plans.
  • Provide relevant advice in regard to AML regulatory obligations
  • Run the AML/CFT queries, raise, Investigate and assess alerts for potential money laundering risks and suspicious transactions.
  • Ensure effective documentary proof and record keeping of suspicious transaction identified
  • Assist the business units and branches by providing quality, timely, and balanced risk compliance management support.
  • Assist the Head of Department to integrate AML regulatory policy into the day-to-day operational processes and Support the team to take the remediation action.
  • Provide a good quality of the reports and the respect the annual control plan delivery and time-line
  • Assist to draft the regulatory reports to be submitted to NBC, the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors
  • Conduct the regular and mandatory staff and management AML/CFT training and awareness and provide expert advice on compliance and financial security
  • Analyze and monitor the potential conflicts of interest occurring along the loan granting and investments processes
  • Review within a defined timeframe the operating procedures and methodologies
  • Reviews KYC files for customers onboarding and Enhanced du diligence requested.
  • Conduct second level controls on AO completeness and effectiveness.
  • Conduct second level controls on transactions (Local and International) on the compliance part
  • Ensure the accuracy of the queries through back testing

Required Education & Skills:

  • Minimum Master Degree in accounting / banking or law
  • At least 3 years' experience in similar position.
  • Good computer skills
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)

Required competencies:

  • Discretion, integrity and rigor
  • Have a strong attention to detail
  • Willingness to engage and effectively communicate with the sales team
  • Autonomous and pro-active.
  • Quick learner.

02/ Position: Internal Controller (1 position)
Location: Head Office

In the scope of the creation of new French bank, we are looking for an Internal Controller to join our team.

Key Responsibilities:

Permanent Controller Level Two

  • Review the scope, the adequacy and the effectiveness of the first level control mechanism. Continuously develop, enhance and embed the risk framework for managing risks across the bank, ensuring that processes are fit for purpose.
  • Conduct the permanent second level controls on the Operational risks, Credit Risks, accounting, financial and compliance risks through a risk based approach.
  • Conduct the risk identification and measurement processes, based on the departments incident's declaration and controls finding (risk mapping and assessment, incidents collection, losses collection and fraud tracing…)
  • Issue relevant recommendations in order to make all identified operational risk areas are covered by the operational teams for improving internal controls (1st level of control), processes efficiency, and the adequacy of bank records and recordkeeping.
  • Provide relevant advice in regard to Risk management and operational risks mitigation.
  • Monitor the implementation of recommendations and action plans. Follow up the closing of the internal and external recommendations on timely manner by collecting the evidences.
  • Set up qualitative and quantitative reporting to consolidate the control findings and outcomes. The reporting should meets the needs of the BRED, Executive and deliberative bodies on a regular and mandatory basis in order to support effective decision-making.
  • Provide a good quality of the reports and deliverable
  • Manage the SU report through control points (Account opening, Till and Vault limits, fund transfers, Cash management, card process)
  • Review within a defined timeframe the operating procedures and methodologies

Controller of credit risks

  • Provide the contradictory opinion on the credit rating, credit or loan granting decision deviating from the bank’s credit policy beforehand the credit committee meetings, as well as on the levels of provisioning (Contradictory analysis for different committees).
  • Oversee the bank’s credit risks, upstream and downstream the loan granting process
  • Exercise overall surveillance of risks, issue warnings on negative developments and train the business officers in such matters, in particular using risk monitoring tools
  • Process the internal ratings (endorsement)
  • Carry out controls on the limits
  • Carry out the reporting on the credit risks (regulatory reports and declarations, provide ongoing advice to the executive and deliberative bodies, requests from BRED Group and BPCE Group)

Revision Finance / Financial risks

  • Analyze the reliability of the financial and accounting information provided
  • Set up, implement and update working programs on the operating processes carried out by the first level control through the REVISION FINANCE review techniques
  • Ensure the application of the group standards and policies related to the audit mechanism and decisions taken by the related committees or the statutory audit mechanism and decisions taken by the executive and supervisory bodies
  • Identify and assess the balance sheet risks (rates, liquidity, foreign exchange) and market risks if any and explain their evolution.
  • Identify and be aware of the major regulatory ratios to be respected (BOL and BRED)
  • Control the financial risk indicators production (correctly feed in the tools) and limits
  • Carry out the monitoring of developments in local regulations and BRED Group standards, make the required adjustments if any.
  • When necessary, participate to the related the meetings to set up the standards and the studies on the impacts.
  • Maintain up to date the Tax risk map

Required Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or finance
  • at least 3 years' experience in similar position.
  • Good computer skills
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)
  • French language is a plus.

Required competencies:

  • Discretion, integrity and rigor
  • Technical Capacity.
  • Financial Management.
  • Effective communication.
  • Autonomous and pro-active.
  • Quick learner.
Contact detail
Contact Name : BRED Bank (Cambodia) Plc.,
Address : No. 30, Preah Norodom Boulevard, Sangkat Phsar Thmey 3, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Email :

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