Posted: 25-Sep-2020
Archive Officer, $250-$300___Urgent
Cam S&V Trading Co.,Ltd ( S&V Cambodia Jobs )

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Phnom Penh
Working time
Full Time
Closing Date

Job Description

- Maintain and manage the entire company of archives.
- Neatly arrange and organize original and important
- Scan and convert hard copy documents into soft files.
- Collecting and locating documents properly in file
- Maintain and manage on‐site archival collections.
- Help other staff in locating the needed data.

Job Requirements

- Hold a Bachelor's degree in any field;
- At least 1 years of working experience (fresh graduate
are encouraged to apply);
- Proficiency in commonly used Ms. Office;
- Good spoken in English;
- Good at communication skills

Contact detail
Contact Name : Mss Vin Punhchita
Address : Phnom Penh 2nd floor, SI Building, No 93, Preash Sihanuk, khnan Doun Penh, Phnom Penh.
Phone : 098446566
Email :

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