Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 31, 2013 (iKnow) is the source of information of products, services, business directory and other information. iKnow provides service to user(s) to post information of their products, services, business and other information at anytime and anywhere by using This service calls 'iPost service'.

Information Collection

iKnow collect information from users using iPost and other services such as business address, phone number, email, age, etc. Besides above data, iKnow collect from users like photos, sounds, texts, logos, and other graphics, which posted in

Information Usage

iKnow use users' information to contact, inform, give advice and make surveys, which is the benefit to the users. Besides that, Photo, Sounds, text, logo and other graphics are used to make iKnow better and better.


iKnow protect your personal information by never providing or selling to third-parties, except be requested by a court.


iKnow take NO RESPONSIBILITY for the content that the users post. The users take their own responsibilities for their post. In case, the posting is illegal, sexual and political, against the Terms of Use, iKnow reserves the right to delete. 

"Content" is referred to information about product service business directory knowledge….etc and other information which user(s) post to


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