Chicken Manure Dryer

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Chicken Manure Dryer
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USD 10000 / Set
Condition: New
Trading Type: For Sale
Zero Shen
Shangwu Neihuan Road, Shangwu Neihuan Road, Phsar Chhnang, Phsar Chhnang, Kampong Chhnang City, Kampong Chhnang (View Map)
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Chicken Manure dryer is pure chicken manure production line necessary equipment, organic fertilizer production line is based on fresh chicken manure as the main raw material. Thoroughly to dust, purification, high-temperature drying, concentrated crushed, sterilization, deodorization decomposition processes, refined. It contains a variety of nutrients necessary for crops, experts test identified by Academy, where the nitrogen content of 2.6%, 3.5% phosphorus, potassium 2.5%, 16-25% crude protein, organic matter 45 %. Generally dry chicken feed hot sales market, priced at 200-500 yuan per ton, the price can vary depending on the proportion of added organic fertilizer. General purchase Keheng brand manure dryer that can provide information about clients.

After extensive testing, wheat per acre fertilization 100Kg can yield more than 20% of vegetables per acre fertilization 100Kg may increase more than 30 percent fruit fertilization 25Kg Meike can increase more than 40%, watermelon per acre fertilization 100Kg can yield more than 40%, or more usage is no longer used other fertilizers. The organic fertilizer is evenly brown granular products, pollution-free, odor-free, easy to use, high fertilizer efficiency, improve soil conducive to overcome salinity due to long-term use of chemical fertilizers caused by soil compaction damage. Suitable for wheat, rice, peanuts, fruit trees and other crops, improve crop quality, improve fruit quality, is conducive to human health, is the best choice of fertilizer pollution-free green food planted. This product can also be used as feed additives for feeding the fish, cattle

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