How is the experience of the AI ​​sex doll?

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How is the experience of the AI ​​sex doll?
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How is the market for smart dolls?
Ordinary sex doll can no longer meet the needs of most people. Nowadays, there are basically smart dolls on the market. They can talk intelligently, have a temperature all over their body, blink their eyes, and move slightly at the corners of their mouths. Smart sex dolls are also called Robot dolls, this is a breakthrough in the current ordinary dolls, and also realizes the intelligentization and informationization of dolls.

It has the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and odorless, high sanitation level, high transparency of the molded product, anti-yellowing, non-toxic and odorless, long service life, physiological inertness, and biological aging resistance. It is more reassuring to use.

Speaking of AI dolls, many people may think of large-scale technology robots. This technology has now been realized. Some time ago, a new female robot developed by a Japanese scientific research company was very popular. The "wife" robot looks nothing like a robot. , The beauty robot uses silica gel, the robot made is extremely realistic, it can be said that it is a kind of robot  love doll. However, mass production has not yet been achieved due to technical problems.

It is said that this "wife" robot can not only wash clothes, cook, but also chat with you to relieve boredom. It is loved by otakus. It looks very beautiful, and its body is still top-notch, sexy and charming. So when it was released in Japan, it was loved by young Japanese people. So how many people in China are interested in this "wife robot"?

What are the main functions of smart dolls?
1. The intelligent body temperature can be adjusted by the equipped infrared remote control, and all parts of the body can reach 37 degrees real human body temperature, which is closer to the feeling of real people.

2. Intelligent sound, high-tech smart chip, high-fidelity sound, using high-tech smart technology, through smart chip sensor, send out undistorted sound. It only takes half an hour to charge the whole body intelligently.

AI doll with body temperature, holding warm, in addition to not accompany you to go shopping for dinner, it can completely satisfy you in sex, it is still very useful, but it is generally more expensive. The dolls have mechanical skeletons, which can stand directly and adjust their posture.

AI dolls are smart  WM doll that can smile, be happy, frown and sad. She can remember your name, birthday, favorite food and hobbies.

Although the AI ​​sex doll cannot do very complex conversations, it still has many things it can do.
However, Realbotix has not stopped their footsteps. The company is showing new attractive designs and will continue to update its AI system.

I believe that AI sex dolls will bring good news to society. There are thousands of people who are unable to establish good interpersonal relationships for some reason.
The sex doll will surely evolve into a mature intelligent robot in the future.

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