Tips to creating a nice Corporate WordPress theme

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Tips to creating a nice Corporate WordPress theme
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We all know corporate are the businesses which need the better designs and websites for showcasing their work and about them and their company. Their history, press releases, blogs and career section also are highlighted.

It works like an online resume of any company and hence Corporate website or rather Company website are treated as most important and hence the focus should be more on the brand, simplicity and readability and other user aspect. Here we are going to discuss the tips and things which matter the most in a corporate WordPress theme and why they should be treated as most important.

What things matter most in a Corporate WordPress theme:

  • User Navigation Ease

Definitely you do not want your user to browse through a cluttered website and hence ease of navigation is important. Either sidebar or on top clearly visible menu is much important.

  • Readable fonts

Readability is most important. If your users are global and vary in age its better to have bigger and visible fonts all over your WordPress corporate website and simple fonts rather than cursive ones so that readability of your website is good and everyone can read it properly.

  • Attention to detail

Attention to detail is important for items that matter the most. Like some awards won by the company should be displayed on homepage as well. Or some recognition or the service which you are best rated into. These things matter because they offer you to be different than the rest of the others.

  • Simple sidebars

Simple sidebars would mean not cluttered text all over places in inner pages or on the homepage.

  • Not Many banners

Banners are attention seekers and if you have too many banners on the same page users will not understand which one to give priority to. Hence its better to keep single banner per page.

  • Not too many slides

Too many slides also kill time of users by scrolling them through. They are mostly on top of a homepage and hence should only convey message that you want to and should be minimal.

  • Too Many carousels can also play spoilsport

Carousels for team members, testimonials, clients, social icons, and news feed. Well these are too many and some clients do have their websites having so many carousels.

Its sometime better to have simple client logos displayed and a view all button because carousels can take time of your user from more important information which he / she might have read rather than wasting their time browsing through the carousel.

  • Page Loading time

Page load times are becoming more and more important as our internet broadband speeds are increasing and browsing through websites become more faster and with social networking websites and eCommerce websites loading fast people or users would expect your website also to load fast. Hence the bounce rate would increase if the wait times are more for your website. Hence its better to have an optimized Corporate WordPress website which would be coded as per standards and also have Cache enabled and have server cache and also a good hosting platform which loads faster and have less latency time.

  • Keeping it simple sometimes does the trick

Often people tend to read more info and browse through more info when they are presented with a rather simple corporate website than the ones which are cluttered and filled with images and videos.

  • Contact info and info LOCATION most Important

Since the purpose of a Corporate WordPress theme based website is to have more Leads and Sales and more People contacting Them, contact info and location info have become more important. Hence they should be clearly mentioned on top header, footer as well as in contact page so that people can easily contact you anytime while browsing through your website.

Conclusion: Corporate WordPress themes are many out there but the ones which fit the HST Tips and tricks above the ones you should consider for your Corporate Website and Not the ones which do not fit in.

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